Holistic Bodywork

RolfingĀ® Structural Integration & Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for healing and high performance - Schedule Now


Structural Qigong & Fitness

Classes and individual sessions that synthesize traditional Taoist practices with modern structural knowledge and functional fitness.


Prime Vital Health Studio

Wellness studio and community space housed at Taborspace - a thriving community hub on the slopes of Mt. Tabor in beautiful SE Portland, Oregon


Benjamin Eli Eichenauer, LMT
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Owner - Prime Vital Health
Executive Director - Revive Community Commons

Eli is a Certified Advanced Rolfer with extensive training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Owner of Prime Vital Health, and serves as Executive Director of Revive Community Commons. Eli has practiced holistic manual therapy in Portland for over 14 years. His influences include: Ayurveda, Contact Improv, Continuum Movement, Functional Fitness, Martial Arts, Meditation, Qigong and Yoga. In 2012, he moved his practice to Taborspace, where he and his family love being active members of the vibrant community.