Benjamin Eli Eichenauer, LMT
Certified Advanced Rolfer

Hello, I'm a Certified Advanced Rolfer with over 14 years of experience and extensive training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

In session work, I use a respectful and attentive touch to release restrictions caused by injury, strain, aging, repetitive motion, poor posture and/or emotional trauma while helping to realign your body’s connective tissue matrix.

Sessions increase both body awareness and the ability to center yourself in a fast paced and often turbulent world. Balance exists in your body and you can learn to evoke this state with ease and grace.

I look forward to working with you.

— Eli

Holistic Bodywork Sessions for Healing and High Performance

60 Minute Session: $145

Schedule over the phone at 503.953.6800
Schedule by email at info@PrimeVitalHealth.com

This is a discounted price for payment received at the time of service. Insurance billing is based on usual and customary pricing per unit. Cash, Check, PayPal and Visa/Mastercard Accepted. A $5 processing fee is added for credit card and PayPal payments.

Prepare for Your Session

  • New clients, please fill out this New Client Intake Form and bring it with you to the session.

  • I accept some health and most MVA Insurance. To find out if insurance covers your session/s, please fill out this Insurance Intake Form and return it to my office PRIOR to your session.

  • For the session itself, please wear something that will allow me to see and work with your physical structure. A sports bra and shorts work well for many female clients, while some prefer to wear underwear and bra. Shorts or underwear work well for most male clients.

  • Due to the nature of Rolfing, clients are not generally covered by a blanket or sheet during the session. Don't worry, the room and table are kept warm and comfortable. Please remember that your comfort is what is most important and dress accordingly.

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes and strong fragrances as some clients have sensitivities.

Prime Vital Health Studio is located in room #21 on the second floor of Taborspace, a community center housed in a beautiful old church. There are seats on the landing of the stairway and on the second floor. Please make yourself comfortable and I will greet you at your scheduled appointment time.


What is Rolfing?

Rolfing utilizes sensitive and respectful touch to release and realign connective tissue in the body. Sessions begin with a check-in and an analysis of the client’s structure. Hands-on work generally lasts about an hour and may include elements of guided movement. Much of the work is done with the client laying on a standard massage table and some may be done with the client seated and/or standing. Sessions usually close with movement education and a post-work structural analysis.


What does Rolfing feel like?

Rolfing most commonly feels like slow and steady pressure followed by a feeling of release. Sensations experienced during a Rolfing session vary as much as the unique structural and movement patterns exhibited by each individual client. Sensations can range from light to deep, from pleasurable feelings of warmth to a sense of powerful and far-reaching personal transformation.

The pace and the intensity of a Rolfing session are co-created with the client.

After a session clients will often experience feelings of lightness and well-being. Clients may be thirsty after a session and re-hydration is a good idea. A short, leisurely walk can be a wonderful way to experience the new movement possibilities discovered during the session.